UCSF Breast Cancer Research Center

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The overarching goal of the Cancer Center is to shepherd new approaches to cancer prevention, detection, and treatment into clinical and population settings, where they can be tested and evaluated. As an example of the Center’s large and expanding program of epidemiologic and population-based research, a Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center studies the impact of prenatal-to-adult environmental exposures that may predispose women to breast cancer.

In addition to its research initiatives, the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center sponsors a wide variety of programs and services in the areas of community outreach, education, and information dissemination. Many community outreach activities are focused on cancer prevention and control. Other outreach activities include free support groups, workshops, and wellness programs; faculty collaborations with local public schools; sponsorship of community-based conferences and programs; and provision of community-based research studies that have outreach components.

Hope s. Rugo, MD

Dr. Hope Rugo is a medical oncologist and hematologist specializing in breast cancer research and treatment. A UCSF Clinical Professor of Medicine, Dr. Rugo joined the Breast Care Center in 1999 after a decade of experience at UCSF in malignant hematology and bone marrow transplantation for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer. She entered the field of breast cancer in order to incorporate novel therapies based on an understanding of the biology of cancer with excellent quality of care into the treatment of women with breast cancer.

Dr. Rugo is the Director of the Breast Oncology Clinical Trials Program, and is the principal investigator of multiple clinical trials focusing on combining novel targeted therapeutics with standard treatment to improve the treatment of both early and late stage breast cancer. In addition, Dr. Rugo is working on studies to evaluate cognitive function in women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, as well as novel ways to reduce toxicity from therapy. Dr. Rugo teaches medical students and physicians, and regularly lectures locally, nationally and internationally on subjects relating to the treatment of breast cancer. At UCSF, Dr. Rugo runs the Breast Forum, an open bimonthly evening educational session for breast cancer patients, families and friends from throughout the bay area.