So far we have raised over $50,000 for breast cancer research and ensuring women with breast cancer receive the care that they need even if they can't afford it.

BoyzABC has contributed funds that have enabled breast cancer research and helped women who could not have otherwise afforded care to receive the care they needed in the San Francisco Bay Area
— Dr. Hope Rugo, UCSF Breast Cancer Research Fund


Boyz Against Breast Cancer (BoyzABC) is a nonprofit organization established to raise funds for breast cancer research, awareness, prevention or assistance for breast cancer victims.  This organization provides boys and girls with the opportunity to help their mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers and other special women in their lives in their fight against breast cancer by having the boys participate in activities that they enjoy.  In addition, the boys and girls who lead and participate in BoyzABC develop a strong sense of empowerment and community.


BoyzABC was started early in 2013 by two 7th graders at Mill Valley Middle School (MVMS), David Fineman and Ryan Hemmeter, when David found out that his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It all began when the boys were on a hike with their moms one day. David expressed how he wanted to help his mom but didn't know how....and by the end of the hike... the idea of BoyzABC was born. David and Ryan rallied a group of their friends to organize a basketball fundraiser called “March Madness Makes a Difference”, a free throw shooting event with all proceeds going to the Hugo Breast Cancer Research Fund at UCSF, which supports women with breast cancer in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.  

In 2014, BoyzABC expanded the basketball fundraising event to include students from MVMS as well as the five Mill Valley elementary schools.  A second event was added in 2016, called “Homeruns Help Save Lives” that was organized jointly with the Mount Tamalpais High School Baseball Program. This annual baseball event provided corporations and local businesses the opportunity to contribute to the community’s fight against breast cancer. In the fall of 2019, BoyzABC will host a collage Home Run Derby event.

BoyzABC provides boys and girls the opportunity to support those closest to them who are fighting breast cancer. The events also serve to unite the Mill Valley community around a worthy cause and provide comfort to those participating that funds raised will be used directly for the Mill Valley and Bay Area communities.