March Madness Makes A Difference!


Mill Valley Middle School (MVMS)

425 Sycamore Avenue; Mill Valley, CA 94941

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1. First, Go to "Donate or Participate" section to register online,

2. Second, Download the forms below to get started!!!! 

March Madness Makes a Difference Flyer 2018

MMMD Sponsor Sheet 2018

MMMD Foul Shot Counter 2018



Boys and girls ask family and friends to sponsor a specific $ amount for each free throw they make (download Sponsorship Form above). Each participant brings their sponsorship form to the event and shoots between 10 and 100 free throws. The gym is staffed with volunteers for check-in and check-out, as well as "station managers" to record the number of free throws made by each participant.  After the event, participants go back to their sponsors and show them how many free throws they made. Sponsors make donations on-line through this website in the "Donate or Participate" section.  When making their donation, there is a form for sponsors to include the name of the participant they sponsored. 100% of all proceeds for this event will go UCSF Breast Cancer Research Center.


  1. Sign in through the website that you would like to participate in the event (go to "Donate and Participate" in primary navigation)

  2. Download Sponsorship Form (Below) and add sponsors prior to the event!

  3. Bring your sponsor form to the Event

  4. Check in at the check-in Table. Collect Breast Cancer Pin & Free Throw Log. Write Name on Top of Log

  5. Line Up at any Free Throw Station

  6. When it is your turn, hand your Log to Station Manager

  7. Shoot 10 Free Throws.  Station Managers will rebound for you, record your free throws made and initial your log.

  8. The 10th Free Throw you shoot will be a pink Money Ball!  If you make a money ball free throw, you collect double money from your sponsors for that shot.

  9. Go to Check-Out OR Shoot more Free Throws.

  10. If you want to shoot more free throws, proceed to the next station (or station with shortest line) and repeat #5.  Participants can shoot a total of between 10 – 100 free throws.

  11. When you are finished shooting free throws, visit the Check-Out table to total free throws made, receive a stamp that validates your participation and to collect a sponsorship sheet if you do not already have one.

  12. Visit your sponsors after the event.  Show them your Free Throw Log with how many shots you made. Your sponsors can go online to this website and donate their amount under your name.

  13. Thank you for your participation!!!

Photos from March Madness Makes a Difference 2013

Photos from March Madness Makes a Difference 2014

Photos from March Madness Makes a Difference 2015